Sheikhpura Road, Barbigha (Sheikhpura) Bihar - 811101
CBSE Affiliation No.: 330509
School Code: 65518
UDISE Code: 10262909101

Terms and Conditions

For Parents / Students

Please read below mentioned Terms and Conditions carefully. Use this web application only when you agree to all the terms and conditions.
This is the official website of St. Mary's English School, Barbigha. This website is managed by our school to help parents and students in getting quick information about examination, date sheet, report cards, fee payment etc.
The school does not guarentee any information shown on this web application. Parents should trust those documents which are issued by school in hard copy with proper signature of the Principal and seal of the school.
This web application has information of students and parents. Name of students, class, section, roll, mother name, father name, date of birth, date of admission, mobile number, email, student photo, etc.
This web application is designed in such a way that only valid user [student/parent] can view the information after successful login. Other users will not be able to see these information.
However, no information on the internet is 100% safe. School does not guarantee that this web application is 100% protected from hackers.
Teachers prime duty is to teach students and perform school work. Information on this web application may not be updated on regular basis by teacher or staff. Parent should consult the concerned class teacher and school office for latest information and updates.
Parents are advised to change their default password provided by the school. They should make a strong password using letters and numbers. They should not share their passwords with any unauthorised person.
When a parent or student login, the web application make log of LoginID, student name, and I.P. address with date and time.
This web application is running on a standard server. If sometimes you are not able to login due to server problem, there is no need to panic. You can try after some time. You can also contact concerned class teachers and school office to resolve you issue.