Rules of the School

1. No students will be allowed to come to school without uniform.

2. Students will be punctual.

3. Participation of the student in the Assembly school be in an orderly manner.

4. Every student shall respect the Principal, Teachers and members of the administrative committee by greeting them.

5. School properties should not be damaged and it should be treated as their own.

6. Damaging school properties, writing or drawing on the wall, door, etc. and misusing school material and misbehavior must be avoided with utmost care.

7. No student shall disturb other classes on the flimsy-plea of getting the loan of a pencil, pen, book etc. from his/her friend.

8. Students from one class are not allowed to be in other class-rooms during intervals.

9. No one shall come to school without the Homework Diary.

10. No collection whatsoever by any student or teacher is allowed except with the written permission of the Principal.

11. It is not advisable to bring valuable materials to the school.

12. No student is allowed to go outside the school premises during the school hours.

13. Gentlemanly behavior is expected from every student. Each student must always remember that they will be judged by their conduct.

14. Nobody or girl who has been absent from school without the leave renders will be admitted to class only after bringing a note explaining the reason for the absence which should carry the signature of the parents or guardian.

15. Students are not allowed to bring electronic gadgets like Mobile Phones, Cameras, Cutting instruments into the school, If bought they will be confiscated.

16. It is strictly prohibited the use of burst crackers, or splash colors during Diwali/Holi or any other occasion in the school premises or in the school buses.