Mr. Prince P.J

“I read, I study I examine, I listen, I reflect and out of all these I try to form an idea in which I can put as much common sense as I can.”

There are a time and a place for each action and it is that coincidence that you have this prospectus in your hand today. At St. Mary’s English School, we provide a better service in the field of education to the young generation. This service is accomplished by the sacrificial attitude of our teachers towards the students.

We stand committed here at the academy to fulfill the dreams of the students. To us every child is unique and a gifted one, and with this approach, we nurture the same in every child. A new-comer child needs to be dealt like an uncut diamond which needs to be polished before their real use. Here, we have perfected the art of doing that.

I promise to provide quality education along with the all-round development of students by using modern techniques of teaching. Hence, your child can be an essential asset to our country and also create a fuller human being in him.