Parents Guidelines

1. Parents have a greater role to play in the education and formation of young persons. They are expected to do their part in enforcing regularity and discipline. They must see that their children prepare the lessons and homework which are noted down by the students in his / her diary. In order to inculcate regular habits of study, the parents are requested, also to go through the answer scripts of all tests and examinations and sign them. Please attend the parents meeting as and when held. Inform any change in address or phone number.

2. You are reminded that the maximum co-operation between parents and school authority is desired in order to achieve all that is best in the education of their children.

3. Parents are informed that the reports and messages sent by the teachers in the diary should be read and signed.

4. Parents or guardians are requested to bring the complaints to the notice of the Principal and not to the teachers.

5. Parents or guardians are advised to visit the school and meet the Principal to enquire into the progress of their children.

6. Encourage your child to take part in all school activities.

7. Parents are reminded that their children should be allowed to grow as independent, resourceful, and useful members of home and society. He or She should be reminded to keep his / her room tidy. Let him / her polish his / her own bags and shoes. By this, they may know and respect the dignity of work. Do everything that is possible by the parents to have a bright future for their child.

8. Parents or any other persons are not allowed to see the children or meet the teachers during school hours without the permission of the school authorities.

9. Under no circumstances, parents and guardians are permitted to meet their wards in the classes.