Dear students,

The examination is a fair way of accessing the knowledge in which a student possesses a respective course or subject. The examination also creates competition among the students, which pushes one to acquire more knowledge. Students work harder to improve their knowledge and skills. In this way, they learn more. Studying for exams is like exercising. When one exercises, the muscles in use grow stronger. Likewise, the process of searching through one’s memory and retrieving the relevant information strengthens that memory pathway for future uses.

These examinations are your opportunity for growing in the future and proving your worth to everyone around you. Grab it and do your best, don’t let it pass through. But remember, luck and success choose their recipients very carefully and they only come to those who believe in themselves, are ready to work hard, honestly, passionately and are prepared to win. Study comprehensively and do your best and come out in flying colours. I wish all students good luck for the examinations and I pray with all my heart for your success. God Bless you. 

MD. SHABBIR HUSSAIN (Controller of Examination)